Pick a path for Croydon

What does ‘system change’ mean for you? Following from the thought-provoking virtual reality exhibition displayed at Museum of Croydon during Borough of Culture late 2023, this site invites you to be part of the conversation and have your say. Thinking about the root causes of problems and solutions, in what ways would you like to see systems change in Croydon? What are your priority changes, to lead us to brighter, fairer, more inclusive, and zero carbon futures? For the next couple of months, the artists and local civil society groups behind the Croydon System Change Project would love to hear your views. You can pick your path for Croydon but choosing from the online cards below, or submitting your own idea. Results will be shared with the Council early in 2024.

How to play:

Hover your mouse or cursor over a card to reveal what is behind. There is also a blank card for your own ideas. When you have explored them all, click through to ‘have your say’ and select your priority 4 changes you would like to see. Enter your details and submit. 

The results and most popular changes will be announced here in first quarter of 2024, and shown to the local government.

Car Free City Centre

A right to grow your own veggies on vacant land

Change the goal of the economy:

Gross local joy! Healthy people, healthy nature

Return the Commons:

Canals, green spaces for all

Urban design for a climate changing world:

Vertical forests on all new buildings

Priority access to land for community owned renewable energy

‘Social value’ of places and assets given higher priority than monetary value

Reimagining the role of corporations:

Could they have new duties to reinvest to help tackle poverty and decarbonization?

Permanent Youth Assemblies:

Young people to approve key decisions affecting their future

A people’s district in the centre of town:

Where you don’t need money or shopping to partake

Young people given genuine ownership of spaces to play and meet

Abundant green spaces in the centre of town

Ownership of more land and spaces granted to community organisations:

Advancing fairer greener futures from the ground up

Housing to live in, not for landlords to extract profit.

Could the UK follow Finland to end homelessness – unconditional housing contract for people sleeping rough?

Repair cafes and Libraries of Things become the norm.

A shift away from the ‘throw away’ culture, away from buying things that can be shared and repaired.

We all become active citizens, not just consumers.

Ending time poverty.

Croydon follows other cities in trialing 4 day working week. Work 4, paid for 5.

Multi-purpose leisure spaces for different age groups and communities to come together

Croydon’s live music scene becomes revitalised

Secure funding and tenure for the vital work done by civil society and community groups


Have your say

Tell us how the above ideas resonated with you and add your own ones to the mix.

Find out more

Want to find out more about the topics on these cards and the project? Click here to explore the informative virtual reality experience created by Meitao Qu and others.

It contains visions and information about how local civil society participants view system change. No VR headset needed! Use your arrow keys to navigate, and click on the image on the elevator doors to be transported into one of the virtual rooms. For best experience, use earphones to hear the audio guide. 


Here you can see some images from the virtual reality exhibition, created by lead artist in residence Meitao Qu. The show, informed by a process of local civil society workshops, will return to Croydon Libraries in 2024. You can also see 3 minute videos of 6 local heroes – local civil society leaders working towards systemic change in their way. Videography by: Di Chen chendi.online